***Before coming to an appointment please be sure to detangle your hair or extra charges will be added****


Individuals Box Braids

From $180

Bomb Twist/Spring Twist

From $200

Knotless Box Braids

From $230

Passion Twist

From $200

Crochet Braids

From $130

Senegalese Twist

From $180

Two Strand Twist

From $70

Kids Braids

From $130

Faux Locs

From $280

Bohemian Braids

From $220

Individual Crochet

From $150


Two French Braids

$35 ( Up if any adds request)

Three Layers Tribal Cornrows


Straight Back

$10 per Cornrows

Cornrows and Individuals Braids

From $120

Feed in Cornrows

From $140

Wash and Conditioner


Hair Extensions recommended: X-pression. Come with clean hair. We got many more options! If you would like another style of braids you can always text or call us!